Quality: AAP Settles For Nothing Less

At Atlantic American Precast (AAP), quality is paramount.

Whether we’re manufacturing a Gravix Wall System for PennDOT along the I-95 corridor in Philadelphia, PA, or a Forix Wall System for a leading eastern PA healthcare provider's facility expansion, AAP demands the highest quality from our facility and the people with every pour.

A quick look at the AAP Quality Control (QC) Process!

Once our products have cured and are stripped free of their designated forms, a trained AAP QC Technician begins the process of verifying the casting’s dimensions. This process assures that everything is accurate and that nothing moved during the casting process. Dimensional verification includes height, diagonal squareness, and the length from the face to the stem.

As the AAP QC Technician verifies these measurements, he puts a check mark by the measured area. If the corners are the correct distance apart, he puts a check by it. A diagonal dimensional check verifies that the stem and face are square to one and other. The AAP QC Technician also verifies the distance between the stem and the front face of the piece is correct.

An 8-foot smart level is used to verify the flatness of the trowel job, and to make sure there are no gaps or waviness for when the precast pieces (Gravix and Forix units) are stacked on top of each other on a job site. If anything is over or under tolerances, the exact measurement is notated so that this discrepancy can be rectified in the future.

Once complete dimensional correctness is verified by an AAP QC Technician, official AAP product stickers are applied. These critical labels stay with each casting and verify 100% “A+ quality,” job number, structure number, casting date, and the weight of the piece. The weight must be noted so that the customer/client knows to use the proper lifting device to handle our AAP products safely.

Once an AAP product achieves QC verification, it is safely transported and stored at our onsite (and expansive) yard area for final curing and project-specific placement, awaiting shipment to customers throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region.